Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Square One

Wow, it's been almost a month. So much has happened--unfortunately, not much in the DD department.

My husband has been hesitant to spank me for things, because he is convinced it's not really a punishment. It is an extremely confusing line to walk. How can someone who enjoys being spanked take a spanking punishment seriously? How can I show him that it is effective, while, at the same time, maintain my enjoyment of spanking otherwise. I know that I can show him through my actions, but it's hard to do that when I'm not given the chance.

It is partly my fault. For example, I was having a hard time one day--being very disrespectful--and I knew it. I also didn't care. This rightfully made him angry. He refused to punish me. I really needed it, but I didn't get it. He figured if I didn't give him what he deserved, he wouldn't give me what I deserve. That's fair. I don't blame him, but it didn't make either of us feel better. There was no resolution.

My birthday was the 13th. I did get a delicious birthday spanking that involved far more spanks than my actual age, due to my losing count and having to start over ;)

In non-DD news, it's been a whirlwind month because my grandma is having major complications from open heart valve surgery. Many, many things have gone wrong, and it is going to be a long, slow recovery. But it seems like every time she does well for a few days, something goes wrong and she's back at square one.

If you're the praying type, my family would appreciate any good thoughts and prayers sent her way.

I look forward to catching up on different blogs--I've missed the DD community.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Motivating Factor

A pair of red running shorts.

Elaborating on the distance running subject from the previous post, I will say that having a running partner can be a very good motivator in getting one to go running. Especially if the motivator will not hesitate to wield a wooden spoon when the motivatee is having trouble getting out the door.

Several days ago, I kept saying that I wanted to go running, but my actions were clearly sending the message that I was going to lay around in sweatpants all day and perhaps take a nap. Finally, my husband, tired of hearing me talk about what I should do, ordered me to get ready to go running. I went into the bedroom, grabbed my running clothes from the closet, noticed the nice, inviting, comfy bed, and decided to lay down for a couple minutes.

Several minutes later, I found myself bending over that no longer inviting bed, crying out as my bottom was smacked over and over with a plastic spatula and wooden spoon. It was harsh. I think at one point I even slid off the bed to the floor for some respite and was promptly ordered back into position.

Talk about an uncomfortable start to a run. I'm prone to heat rash when I workout, even without a spanked bottom, so I made sure to shower immediately afterward and lather on lots of lotion.

He also ran with me that day, so the motivation works both ways! I guess he figured he couldn't cop out on running when he had just provided me with such an effective incentive to quit stalling and go.