Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Veteran

I woke up before my husband today, because I had to attend a special Veteran's Day service at church. I managed to catch and switch off my alarm less than a second after it went off, but it still woke him up :( 

I thought perhaps my handsome Veteran would go back to sleep, since it is, after all, Veteran's Day, but, instead, he pulled me over his lap, bared my bottom, and firmly made sure that I would behave today and "remember who's in charge."

Well, he knows how much I love morning spankings and how much it gets me going when he acts all strict and HOH-y. This was not a good start to getting ready for church.

By the end of the spanking, certain areas of my body betrayed my total desire for more. Sigh...

I said " to hell with getting ready" and was late for the service.

.  .  .

Happy Veteran's Day! I sure appreciate mine :)


  1. Autumn,
    As one veteran's wife to another, there is no sweeter way to celebrate such excellent military service to God and country! I know for I have been there.
    Great post!

  2. I cannot think of a better way to thank your 'Veteran'! Happy Veteran's Day!


  3. Perfect way to honor a vet!
    A salute to your husband on Veteran's Day.

    I love administering morning spankings, the perfect way to start the day; especially before church services ;)

    1. Yes--the pews are especially hard, too :(

    2. Ha Ha! Makes my day to hear you've had to endure that hard pew treatment. Love it. ;)

      You nailed why I love administering those spankings; hard pews are the perfect follow up treatment!!