Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Begging for It

Hi everyone!

I realized I hadn't written in almost a month :( That's just far too long to not write about spanking fun, so here's another recent story for you all, in time for Valentine's Day:

.  .  .

Just like every other couple, we go through our "drought" periods where there is no spanking and no sex for a few weeks. When those unfortunate periods happen, I usually get so built up with frustration, that, one night, I will snap, basically throw myself at my husband, and ask him to pleeeeeeease do something with me.

Well, that happened several days ago. Throughout the day, I physically hinted at my readiness many times, and, when evening came, as we were cuddling on the couch, I asked him to please spank me.

He ordered me to the bedroom, where I eagerly ran. He bared my bottom, and I went over his lap for some rubbing and light slapping. The slaps became harder, but, much too soon, he acted like it was over. I tried back talking, teasing, and making smart ass comments, but he knew what I was up to.

He opened his nightstand drawer, and pulled out my two favorite implements that I thought were long gone (I haven't been able to find them recently!).

"That's where those have been???? I thought we'd lost them!" I said.

"Yes, young lady. Sometimes I am more aware of the whereabouts of these than you are. Do you want me to use them on you?" he asked.

"Yes, please," I said.

"Beg for it then," he said.

"What???" I inquired.

"You heard me. Get down on the floor and beg for it," he said.

I got off the bed, stood up, and asked him to please spank me with my favorite implements. He handed me the light wooden hairbrush.

"Down on your knees," he said.

I got down on my knees, came over to his side of the bed, and begged, over and over, for him to please spank me with it. I gave him my best puppy dog eyes and rubbed him in places that I thought might entice him to give me what I wanted.

After a minute or two of this, he caved. I went over his lap, and, boy, did he deliver what I wanted and then some. He alternated between the stingy, plastic spatula and the thuddy, wooden hairbrush, and I was soon squirming all over his lap with a burning bottom.

Keep in mind, it had been several weeks, and, though my bottom was very sore, I was positively panting with desire. He soon dropped the implements, took me from behind, and together we relieved weeks of sexual tension :)

Afterward, I asked him to rub lotion on my bottom, because I knew my bottom was out of practice. He obliged, but it was still very tender the next day, which I loved. It served as a memory of how he literally made me beg for it. And thinking of that reminded me that, although he is usually happy to oblige me when I ask, he is still the one in control of my fulfillment.


  1. Glad you got what you wanted and needed, Autumn.

  2. Hi Autumn! :) There is nothing like a good asking and then a loving fella who obliges in just the right ways! Good for you both! Glad that your dry spell has come to an end, and that you had fun as well. Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

    1. I am glad too. Life just gets in the way of spanking fun sometimes, as we all know!

  3. I've read this post after writing mine, I guess we've been in the same predicament. I'm glad you've got what you needed. It's amazing how much we crave it.

    1. It is crazy, DF. This time of year always seems to be slow and depressing for us. I suppose something might happen for Valentine's Day, but that's sort of a sexual day of obligation, right?

  4. Hi Autumn, I just read this after reading DF's post. DF maybe you need to take a leaf out of Autumn's book and go begging. Might try it myself!
    love Jan,xx

    1. Haha, it worked this time, but sometimes I have to vary my techniques...don't wanna become too predictable ;)

  5. Hi Autumn, I am so glad that you had such a wonderful experience to end the drought. The 'beg on your knees'-part sounds somehow familiar, because hubby likes ordering me around too. Uhm I do like obeying and especially then. :)
    The night you had must have been so awesome! I can easily imagine that you loved the tenderness the next day. That's special, because it is a reminder of what had happened and it reminds me of hubby. Lovely.



    1. I do love to feel it the next day :) And being made to beg was definitely a turn-on!

  6. Hey Autumn,
    Sorry I'm so late, I was without a computer for some time! Glad to see you posting :) and super glad you had your needs met, I hope you're having a fantastic Valentines!!