Monday, March 23, 2015

The Spanko/Vanilla Answers

Here are the answers to this month's questions for both me and my husband. I wanted him to chime in this year, to give a little perspective on what it was like, one year in, for a former vanilla in a DD/TTWD relationship. Alas, he is a man of few words when he's put on the spot, but I managed to pry more than just "yes" and "no" answers from him :)

Nina asked: What is most important to you in a friendship? How would you and your husband describe each other in one word?

He: Mutual trust is the most important thing in my friendships. And I would describe my wife as "strong."

She: This is a hard question for me, because, in all honesty, I don't consider myself to be a very good friend--I am absolutely horrible at keeping in touch with those who've been in my life. I think a willingness to truly listen, though, is probably most important. I would describe my husband as "selfless."

Enzo asked: Since you started this, have your views changed towards being open to trying more things? Also, do any of your friends know about your spanking interest? If so, what has been the reaction?

He: Since starting DD, I'm actually more open to S&M. Before I met my wife, I had no exposure to that sort of thing, and now I'd be open to seeing dungeons or, group stuff.

She: I'll start with saying that none of our friends know, which is why my husband did not answer that question. I would love to do a DD meetup with other couples I've met on here. And my husband is open to seeing another man spank me. I would actually like to be spanked by a woman someday, and I've gone back and forth with wanting to attend one of those huge spanking parties like Crimson Moon or Shadow Lane...I don't know yet. Fantasizing about these things and making them happen are obviously very different things. The DD meetup seems to be the most harmless of the bunch at the moment!

Dan asked: Does [your husband] have any advice on how to overcome the reluctance to "hurt" someone they care about?

He: I overcame that reluctance, ultimately, because my wife wanted it, and, secondly, because I didn't see it as a permanent pain--I saw it as temporary pain for her pleasure. I like to compare it to running--why do people go running when they know it's going to hurt their legs? It's cause of the endorphin rush or the "pleasure" aspect of it.

She: I don't know how he ultimately reconciled it, but it took quite a bit of convincing that I really wanted it--that, to me, the pain was like a tiny negative side affect of all the pleasurable aspects to spanking.

Very good questions and thank you all for asking, and, if there are still inquiring readers who want to know more, please ask!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Sir Says

It's late, I'm tired, and I'm over his lap getting a spanking that I asked for.

I'm positioned over his lap so that my head is right next to his nightstand--where I suspect my favorite implement is. So, without prompting and without moving my body an inch, I reach up and open the drawer to peek inside.

"What are you doing, young lady? Did I tell you to move or open that drawer?" he asks.

"I was just looking!" I reply.

Hard smacks ensue. Then he announces that we are going to play a little game called "Sir Says." I take an educated guess that the premise of the game is going to be like "Simon Says," and I'm feeling pretty good, because I've always been good at Simon Says!

"Sir says get on all fours," he says. 

Up I go onto all fours, and he spanks me like that for a while.

"Sir says lay back down," he says. 

I lay back down. This is easy!

"Open the drawer and get me an implement," he says.

I don't move. Ha, he can't get me that easily!


"Open the drawer," he says.

Still nothing.

"Are you disobeying a direct order, young lady?" he asks.

"Uuuuhhh...yes sir? Isn't that the game?" I ask.

"You're assuming the rules are the same," he says, as he lets loose a flurry of hard and fast smacks to my poor bottom cheeks. I yell out and squirm around, making him laugh. It seems he is really enjoying this.

"Open the drawer and get me an implement," he says, again.

Now that I know his clever "rules," I open the drawer and pull out an implement.

"Did I say 'Sir Says'?" he asks. "No! You broke the rules." 

My bottom is assaulted by another wave of hard, fast smacks, this time with the little wooden spatula I've pulled out. I squirm around even more.

"This game isn't faaaaaaaaair!!!!" I whine. "I can't win!!!"

"Did I say it was fair? I'm the winner of this game, young lady," he says, as he continues to redden my cheeks with the spatula.

What a clever guy my husband is. I resign myself to my losing status, but the game doesn't last very long, as we are both laughing considerably. He puts lotion on my bottom later, and I can't help thinking that I was the winner of the game, despite the rules being obviously tipped in his favor.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Spanko/Vanilla Questions

I'm a little late to the game, since we're already halfway through March, but I'd really like to include my husband in this year's question game. You only know him through the stories I tell on here, so I figured I would give him a chance to speak for himself!

So, any questions for him or for us? The "lifelong spanko" and the "lifelong vanilla" will have profound, thought-provoking answers for everything, I'm sure ;)

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Honey Smacks

Well, I've come to terms with the fact that I'm a once-a-month blogger. I'm OK with that. I could certainly find things to blog about--all is not quiet on the spanking front. But I told myself when I started that I would never let more than a month go by without blogging, and that seems to have become the rule instead of the exception.

I do enjoy reading other blogs, though I may not always comment. I sound like my mom, but I absolutely hate typing and/or commenting via my phone, cause the keyboard is so tiny, and my comments are rendered nonsensical by the "intelligent" auto-correct feature.

Sometimes, though, auto-correct is eerily intuitive...

I recently bought a cereal that I don't ever remember seeing before--it's called Kellogg's Honey Smacks. I think it must be an old cereal that fell into obscurity when brandier, sugary-er cereals became more popular. Anyone with a similar mind to my own will already be amused by the name of the cereal; however, what's even funnier is:

I have been keeping track of what I eat via the Weight Watcher's mobile app. One morning, for breakfast I logged a delicious bowl of Honey Smacks into my food diary. And, later that day, as I was reviewing what I had eaten, I was surprised (and yet somehow not at all) to find this entry in the "Breakfast" slot:

Hiney Smacks with Milk

A bowl of Honey Smacks with milk is worth 4 points, if anyone is wondering. Hiney Smacks, however, always seem to be given freely around here.