Saturday, April 25, 2015


Not my husband

My husband spent all day today installing a new water heater. I really admire that--a professional probably could have done it in a couple of hours, but my husband often insists on taking a whole weekend (and multiple trips to Home Depot) to teach himself how to do a home project.

I helped...a little.

I actually did help him move the water heater into the correct spot for installation, and, let me tell you, those things are damn heavy. The guys who delivered it to our house wore back braces when they brought it into the basement--I guess I should have taken the hint.

In order to get it from the bottom of the basement stairwell to the corner for installation, we had to slide it on a piece of cardboard. Except, cardboard doesn't slide on concrete flooring when there's a 300 lb cylinder on top of it. So we had to spin the water heater round and round, in the general direction of the corner, until it finally ended up where it should be. I wish someone had video recorded the whole thing. We were both bear hugging a 50 gallon metal drum, spinning it around like a flying saucer, across the basement floor.

I should mention that he asked me to help him with this at 11:30 pm--just as I was trying to wind down for the night. I complained and whined that I didn't want to help him when it was so late...but I begrudgingly did. I planned on climbing into bed as soon as we were done moving the damn thing, but, after it was in place, he came around from the other side of the tank, yanked my sweatpants and underwear down, and started smacking my bottom. It echoed loudly in our unfinished, concrete basement.

"Ow! Is this what happens to young ladies who help you move stuff?" I asked.

"No, this is what happens when I ask you to do something, and you double the time it takes by whining and complaining about it first" he said. "You should just do it." He pushed me against the cold, cinder block basement wall and smacked away at my poor bottom.

"Now, you won't whine and complain again, will you?" he asked.

"No, sir," I said, grinning. He laughed.

"Yeah, right," he said.

Then he hugged me, praised our teamwork, and told me to pull up my pants and get upstairs into bed.

But, alas, bedtime was put on hold for another hour.

All in the name of teamwork, I suppose ;)


  1. Autumn,
    I have been there and Jack has done that. Plenty of hot water now, right?

    1. Yes! And the water is even hotter--I think the temp setting may be a little too high for this one.

  2. Hi Autumn! :) This whole post made me LOL this morning. The tone and everything could have been a scene here at our place. Too cute! Loved it!

    Glad that you have things back in order in the hot water department. Hot showers are a nice commodity! HOT hot showers- even better! ;) Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

    1. Yes, I never take hot showers for granted--not since I did a 6-month long hiking trip, where hot showers were a rare luxury!

  3. Hi Autumn, I have been there too. Hubby does a lot around the house and this could be late and then I'd be doing exactly what you did. :) But I am glad all is good for you!



    1. I'm really glad it's done; although--looking at the numbers--I think it would have cost just as much to have a professional do it, what with all the tools my husband had to buy!

  4. Haha love this! I can so relate:)<3