Monday, February 10, 2014

Pushing "Reset"

Anyone remember having to push "reset" on the original Nintendo console when the game decided to resemble a mowed lawn on your TV screen? Well, attention from my husband acts as a sort of "reset" button for me.  Last night, I finally got the attention I was craving all weekend from him, but not without some questionable behavior on my part : /

He came home from drill exhausted, and, after we hugged and ate tacos, we laid down on the living room carpet to talk.  I was telling him about my day, and he fell asleep...

He was so adorable and peaceful passed out on the floor, so I quietly moved away and did my own thing, but I was somewhat disappointed that we had hardly touched each other all weekend, and now I had to wait even longer!

It was a power nap...he woke up about a half hour later, and we immediately began the business of preparing all of the necessary paperwork for registering our new car and getting me an in-state driver's license the next day. I perfectly understood that all of this needed to be done, but I couldn't help getting more and more resentful as it got later and later.  I wanted attention, damn it, and though I was trying my best to be patient and attentive, I finally burst out:

"You haven't given me attention all evening!  You've been gone all weekend, we haven't had time for anything, and you haven't spanked me in two days!  I broke a rule and you didn't even know it!  And I started a spanking blog two days ago!"

All of this poured out in a less-than-flattering whiny voice of impatience.  He sighed.

"You're testing me," he said.

"Maybe," I replied.

Time to push "reset."  He pulled me over his lap, rid me of my pants and underwear, and finally delivered my well overdue and, at this point, well deserved spanking.

"So, when were you planning on telling me about this blog?  You're welcome to volunteer information anytime, young lady.  I shouldn't have to ask you every single day whether you've done what you're supposed to," he lectured, while attending to my bottom with his hand.  At this point, we began to banter back and forth about what, in particular, he had missed by not inquiring about my actions.  He is very lenient in allowing me to backtalk and discuss my point while I'm over his lap, which is something I may have to suggest he change  (remember, he was born vanilla and very new to all of this--I'm the one who suggests rules and he chooses whether to make them official :)

One thing he is not lenient about, however, is my requirement to address him as "Sir" while I am over his lap (this one he came up with on his own).  And I was very much neglecting the requirement, what with trying to make a point and all.  His spanks suddenly became much sharper and harder, taking me by surprise, and effectively shutting me up.

"Are you forgetting something, young lady?" he asked.

"Ow!!  Yes, sir!" I cried out.

He finished out the spanking in silence, and, after it was over, I sat up in his lap, facing him, and he held me in his arms for a long time.  I felt so loved and so at home there, finally getting the attention I missed all weekend.

Our new lifestyle has made me insanely affectionate, and my craving for physical intimacy and attention from him is practically insatiable.  If it doesn't happen a couple times a day, I become ornery, restless, and resentful.

But, his firm then loving attention to my whiny impatience reset me to a happy, content, and rational wife.


  1. You guys are having such a cute beginning. <3 Glad he gave you a spanking so you could reset! Sometimes that is just the ticket... other times RUN! just kidding lol
    sara :)

    1. Thanks for the advice, haha! It's such a strange dynamic that even I don't understand yet, because I have always loved to be spanked, and, on some level, I still enjoy discipline spankings, but in a different way. Something he was worried about when I suggested DD was that spanking would be a reward for me instead of a punishment. But it's not that way at all. I don't deliberately do things to be punished, because that would indicate that I'm not taking it seriously, which I am. But yesterday he gave me a good-girl spanking for good behavior, and I felt very submissive and quite enjoyed that one as well.

    2. Trying to figure out the "whys" can take a millennium! Sometimes I want spankings a lot, other times I have anxiety over them, I love a good girl spanking, but I dread a spanking for discipline because I know I have messed up and he is disappointed in me. Anymore I think I just accept that on any given day I will feel the way I feel. :) I love DD though. I really do.

  2. I try not to think about the "whys" and just enjoy. I'm so glad you two are becoming more affectionate. I find that the more attention I'm used to, the more I crave. Hope y'all have a fun Valentine's planned.

    1. Indeed, it's more fun to just "go with the flow." Actually, we don't have much planned for V-day; we're not big planners, which makes going with the flow even more unpredictable ;)