Monday, July 28, 2014

In Public

A couple evenings ago, my husband and I met up after work for a concert and dinner downtown. The concert was lovely, if sparsely attended, and, afterward, we went to a local pub and BBQ place. The beer was good, the food was OK, and the music was way too loud for a weekday evening (really, a "club" atmosphere on a Wednesday??)

I was feeling a little tipsy after one beer (that's all it takes these days), so my husband suggested we walk around the park for a while. After a stroll around the square, it was getting dark and late, and I was ready to go home. Since my husband and I had arrived separately, I had to drive home on my own. I felt fine, but I am aware of my lightweight status, so I knew there was a possibility that I was not legally OK to drive.

I was anxious to get home, but my husband insisted on consulting two different apps that calculate blood alcohol level. I was very impatient about it, and we got into an argument. After the results of the second calculator, I turned my back and walked toward my parked car:

"I'm going home," I said, with attitude.

He said my full name, and told me in a stern voice to lose the attitude. He approached me, turned me around to face him, cupped my chin firmly in his hand, and forced me to look up at him.

This was heading in a horrible direction. We were in a public place, and, though it was dark, there was definitely more than one person out walking their dog in that park that could hear us. I was incredibly embarrassed, but I sensed that if I did not take the time to check my attitude, I may be a lot more embarrassed by the time we left the park.

"Give me a minute," I said. I  buried my face in his warm, inviting chest and took several deep breaths to calm down.

And it worked.

I felt so much better. I felt happier, calmer, and ready to cooperate. I looked up again.

"I appreciate your concern for my safety, babe," I said.

After it was determined that I was OK to drive, I got in my car and headed home.

Later that night, my husband said that, had I not dropped my attitude, he would not have hesitated to spank me in public. I still don't know if I believe that, but the threat of it is enough to keep me in line, that's for sure. It was already embarrassing enough being lectured in public!


  1. Hi Autum! I really loved this post. Yes, it may have been embarrassing to go through, but I am sure that looking back at it you are thankful he has your back. I would give anything for my husband to do exactly that. Hugs to you!

    1. I am *so* thankful, and I hope this post doesn't come off as me complaining about it. Yes, it was embarrassing (as it was supposed to be), but it ultimately brought me to a better place, for which I am grateful.

      I'm sure your husband would be just as concerned about you in the situation, though he may express it differently. The many husbands in our community express their care, love, and protection in different ways--there is no right or wrong way. I am confident he will learn to express it in the way you crave if you keep encouraging him and don't give up on him :)

  2. Oh wow! Good for you for being able to take a few deep breaths and calm down. It's great that he's able to help you with that. Also so sweet how much he clearly cares. :)

    1. It was sweet, and I was proud of myself for not escalating the situation!

  3. There's an app for that?!

    Yeah, the public thing is pretty embarrassing, I think it's one of those things we all have test LOL, just to make sure the boundaries are still there. I don't think I've tested my H in public again after the first time, glad you were able to calm down and make a good decision, and I'm glad he cares enough to protect you :)

    1. Several apps, in fact!

      I didn't think of it as testing at the time--I was genuinely upset and wasn't really thinking at all...he got me thinking, though!

  4. Nice story. If only he had spanked you in public ;)
    Lack of foresight regarding safety is definitely worthy of spanking; and public spanking if need be.

  5. Uh oh, attitude in public can lead to a red tushi! It's great that you could virtually breathe this attitude.moment away. And it really is sweet that he cares so much about you. Love that!