Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful: The Good

There were three separate episodes that occurred between my husband and me this weekend, about which I want to write.  For length's sake, I'm going to separate them into three different posts.  I'm obviously excited to share the good and the beautiful stories with you, but I feel obligated to share the bad one, too, since I want my readers to understand that this lifestyle is not always easy for us, and that it doesn't all come "naturally."  I know everyone who practices DD struggles with it at times, but I know that I often want to gloss over the bad parts or the struggles and write about the things that worked (I suspect there are others who do this too).  My hopes in blogging about this lifestyle were, originally, to document every aspect of it, good and bad, so I want to share it all.  But I will start with the good, since, overall, it really was an amazing weekend.

First of all, my husband is home!!!!!  He was gone for a month this time, taking a class for the army.  I kept pretty busy while he was gone, but I still missed him immensely.  And although I would prefer we were always together, sometimes I think that it's good for us to be apart.  The passion and physical attraction we feel for each other after time spent apart is beyond anything I've ever experienced, even during the "puppy love" phase of our relationship.

My husband is good at building me up--setting my expectations.  He's good at teasing me.  The threat of a spanking, a punishment, or a lecture from him sends shivers down my spine and butterflies into my stomach. On the car ride home from the airport, I was practically panting at the steering wheel, trying to maintain my composure while various promises and threats came at me from the handsome man in the passenger seat.

As soon as we arrived home, we dropped all the luggage on the floor and embraced.  It felt so good to be in his arms again after a month away from them.  We both knew we had to be intimate right away--there was no putting off this craving for each others' attention.  The only conundrum was what kind of intimacy we should start with.  My husband kept a list of my misdeeds while he was gone, so there was no question about whether I needed to be punished; the question was when it should be.

"Do I need to punish you now or can it wait till later?" he asked.  "This is my way of asking you what you want right now."

"I guess we should do it now and get it over with," I said.  Then we can get to the good part, I thought to myself.

"To the bedroom, young lady," he replied.  "And strip down."

I made my way to the bedroom, stripped down, and waited for him to follow me in.  He had promised a couple of weeks ago that my punishments would not happen all at once.  I knew they would be spread out over the weekend/week, so I wondered what I would be punished for today.  And I wondered if it was going to be the "big one"--the long one with many implements, severe lectures, and corner time that he promised me during the car ride home.  I was hoping it wouldn't be--I wanted to hurry up and get to the good part :)

It was for disrespect.

During my week of "that time of the month," I was apparently very disrespectful in our nightly phone conversations--I got defensive often, argued a lot, snapped at him, became exasperated, etc...  I would say respect is the top priority in our relationship.  Our entire DD lifestyle is built on the fact that we trust and respect each other, so when I disrespect him in any way, it undermines the foundation of our relationship.

I lay naked over his lap, listening to his lecture on respect as he rubbed my bottom.  Then he began spanking me with his hand.  Hard.  My butt was out of practice.  The whole time he spanked me, I just wanted it to be over.  I wanted him so much, and, as he spanked me, I would intermittently squeeze his hand, rub his back, and hug his knee.  He sensed my desire for it to be over (he later told me that he also wanted to "get to the good part") and, before I even got into the "space," he flipped me over and made love to me. Three times.

To be continued...


  1. Autumn, it is great that your husband is back and so lovely that you had this wonderful weekend. I mean, after the punishment session it must have been awesome. Respect has been a topic for hubby and me too, pretty often, and I think that the circumstances when I did not show enough of it, have often been similar to what you wrote.
    I completely get you about the glossing. I tend to do that. Currently it doesn’t matter much, but maybe I should also try to be more critical about what we do, since naturally, there are the moments when it just doesn’t work out as intended.
    Even though it says the good the bad and the beautiful, I hope that you had and have more of the good and beautiful than the bad. Can’t wait for the other posts!



    1. Thanks, Nina. I'm happy to say we've had more good and beautiful than bad. Though, without bad things, we wouldn't appreciate the good as much, so we need a little of both.

  2. Glad you are reunited and that you had a good homecoming.

    Disrespect is a big thing for me as I have said before; much more important to long trivial lists. Disrespect should always be dealt with via a good firm spanking.

    1. Thanks Enzo! You'll read about the "trivial list" in the next post!