Saturday, March 7, 2015

Honey Smacks

Well, I've come to terms with the fact that I'm a once-a-month blogger. I'm OK with that. I could certainly find things to blog about--all is not quiet on the spanking front. But I told myself when I started that I would never let more than a month go by without blogging, and that seems to have become the rule instead of the exception.

I do enjoy reading other blogs, though I may not always comment. I sound like my mom, but I absolutely hate typing and/or commenting via my phone, cause the keyboard is so tiny, and my comments are rendered nonsensical by the "intelligent" auto-correct feature.

Sometimes, though, auto-correct is eerily intuitive...

I recently bought a cereal that I don't ever remember seeing before--it's called Kellogg's Honey Smacks. I think it must be an old cereal that fell into obscurity when brandier, sugary-er cereals became more popular. Anyone with a similar mind to my own will already be amused by the name of the cereal; however, what's even funnier is:

I have been keeping track of what I eat via the Weight Watcher's mobile app. One morning, for breakfast I logged a delicious bowl of Honey Smacks into my food diary. And, later that day, as I was reviewing what I had eaten, I was surprised (and yet somehow not at all) to find this entry in the "Breakfast" slot:

Hiney Smacks with Milk

A bowl of Honey Smacks with milk is worth 4 points, if anyone is wondering. Hiney Smacks, however, always seem to be given freely around here.


  1. Oh Autumn, that made me giggle! They are called sugar puffs over here but I think your version is better!
    love Jan,xx

    1. Sugar puffs! How boring! Though, a more accurate description probably...if it's the cereal, we're talking about.

  2. Hi Autumn, we have them here as honey smacks too. I have never wondered about the smacks so far, but will never look at them the same way. And it is awesome that you get your hiney smacks for free, isn't it? No calories?! :)



    1. Indeed, hiney smacks have many perks, no calories being just one!

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