Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Spanko/Vanilla Questions

I'm a little late to the game, since we're already halfway through March, but I'd really like to include my husband in this year's question game. You only know him through the stories I tell on here, so I figured I would give him a chance to speak for himself!

So, any questions for him or for us? The "lifelong spanko" and the "lifelong vanilla" will have profound, thought-provoking answers for everything, I'm sure ;)


  1. Hi Autumn, I have non-spanking questions for you. :)

    What is most important for you in a friendship?

    How would you and your husband describe each other in one word?



  2. If I understand your timeline correctly you have been practicing DD for over a year now. Since you started this, have your views changed towards being open to trying more things?
    Also, do any of your friends know about your spanking interest? If so what has been the reaction/s?

  3. I come at spanking from the domestic discipline angel and on the receiving end of it. Does the Vanilla in your relationship have any advice on how to overcome the reluctance to "hurt" someone they care about? I think this is a really hard thing for many spankers/disciplinarians, and we spankees/disciplined husbands ask a lot of them on that score.


  4. Thanks for the questions, guys! Answers soon!