Friday, April 4, 2014

The Moment of Untruth

Halfway through the day yesterday, I received a text ordering me to go get the laundry from downstairs and to stand in the corner for 10 minutes and contemplate how I can avoid forgetting these things--you see, he also told me to bring the clothes up the night before so he could have a clean undershirt in the morning...and I forgot.  He told me to take pictures of myself in the corner as proof that I was doing it.

So, I took pictures of myself in the corner 10 minutes apart...but I didn't actually stand in the corner for 10 minutes :(  I know I should have.  I know it's for my own good and it's good practice for me in patience, but I have a really hard time doing it even when he's hovering over me.  I could not seem to bring myself to stand there for 10 minutes.  So, after that horrible little exercise in deceit, I got ready for the gym and left to go workout.

I arrived home from the gym later on to find him home from work early, and my stomach sank...I still hadn't brought the clothes up from downstairs.  He was not supposed to be home this early!  I walked tentatively into the bedroom, and he was packing for his drill this weekend.  He approached me with a stern look on his face.

"Young lady, I told you twice to bring those clothes up from downstairs," he said.

"I didn't think you were going to be home this early!  I was going to go get them before you got home from work," I protested.

"When I tell you to do something, you should do it right away.  You could have saved yourself a lot of pain by doing as you were told the first time I told you to do it," he said, and with that, he lowered my workout pants and underwear, bent me over the bed and sat down beside me.

I was unjustifiably upset.  I was planning on getting the clothes before he came home, but, in my defensiveness, I could not realize at that moment that I really should have gotten them the night before.  As I was bent over the bed receiving hard slaps on my sweaty bare bottom (a spanking hurts a lot more after a workout for this very reason), I wasn't even thinking of the corner time lie until he brought it up:

"You don't seem to care about this, young lady.  I texted you earlier to go get those clothes and you didn't do it.  You sent me those pictures in the corner, but maybe you just took pictures 10 minutes apart.  Did you actually stand in the corner like I told you to?" he asked.

Oh God, here was the moment of truth--the deciding factor in whether I can own up to my blatant disregard. I hesitated and failed miserably:

"Yes, sir, I did."

I immediately regretted it.  He sensed my hesitation, and questioned it.  I sighed deeply, knowing that I had really messed up:

"No, sir, I didn't do it."

At this point, he effectively pinned me in with his arm around my waist and, with his other hand, delivered a hell of a spanking that had me squealing, squirming, and trying to escape.

I felt so bad.  He told me to pull up my pants and go stand in the corner for 20 minutes while he finished packing.  He told me not to waste his time by being restless and fidgety in the corner--he didn't want to have to correct me again while he was busy packing for his trip.

I stood there honorably for 7 minutes, when he called me to come sit down on the bed.

"I need to leave soon, and I need you to drive me to the rental car agency.  Because you didn't get to finish your corner time, you will write me a three paragraph essay by this Saturday on why following instructions as soon as I give them is important to you and to our relationship.  Got it?" he asked.

"Yes, sir," I looked at him and nodded.  And with that, I finally fell into his arms, forgiven.

We had time for some other farewell activities before I had to drive him to the agency, and they left me teary-eyed because I really miss him when he goes away, even if it's for three days.  I don't want to think about what his month-long trip will be like this summer.  For now, three days is more than enough of a break, and no amount of essay-writing is going to take the place of his firm hand.


  1. Gosh Autumn, how could you fib? my hubby would know instantly, I wouldn't dare. Hope his trip goes quickly
    love Jan,xx

    1. I don't know :( He asked me *while* he was spanking me, so I thought saying "Yes, sir" would be the best thing for my bottom at the time. But then I felt so bad, that I instantly owned up and made it worse anyway. Ah, the predicaments I get myself into, haha.

  2. I'm a terrible liar, comes in handy when i want a spanking. When I don't, I just can't lie.
    Forgiveness is so important.
    Nice post.

    1. It is important, and I think he gave me a bit of leeway since I owned up instantly. I *never* lie to him, so I'm not sure what made me do it right then...all I can think of is I didn't want my spanking to become worse, so I said "Yes, sir," but then changed my mind and made it worse anyway. Sigh.

  3. Sounds like you need some extra punishment for not obeying and not telling him the truth. I'd be ready for more when he gets home if I were you. You deserve a severe punishment spanking.

    1. We'll see--he'll decide what I deserve when he gets home.

  4. Autumn, you really know how to ask for trouble :-) but I think it was good that you told the truth, even though your bottom paid dearly for it.
    Uh oh, it is never good when husbands start their greetings with 'Young Lady’, but I am glad that he has forgiven and that you had some other farewell activities before he had to go again. Those times without our husbands suck and I hope that you have your husband back in no time.



    1. I really do seem to ask for trouble--that's not necessarily a good thing...

      I'm excited for him to be home in an hour!