Monday, June 9, 2014

Hunger After Sex

Mmmm...a sandwich.

What does a typical woman want after sex?  Cuddling?  Quality time with her lover?  Several minutes to "bask in the afterglow?"

What does a typical man want after sex?  A sandwich?  Sleep?  A good TV show?

These are definitely stereotypical characteristics, but I think there's some truth to generalizations about typical post-sex activities for men and women.

I guess I'm more like a man, then, when it comes to post-sex.  Having an orgasm makes me hungry! Immediately after sex, I want to get up and get a snack.  And I'm usually too restless to cuddle--I can cuddle for approximately 60 seconds before wanting to get up and do something relaxing on my own.

My husband likes to hold me after sex, and then roll over and sleep if it's night time.  But he laughs at me when I voice the inevitable "I'm hungry!"


  1. Autumn, I think everybody is hungry after sex! I might be always hungry anyway, but I also have that urge to eat after having an orgasm. So, when I tell hubby, most times he agrees and we have a late night meal. When we have scenes, hubby often includes food for play, that's cool ... most times. When you are blindfolded and bound and can only open your mouth and accept what you get, this can be a little mean, too, e.g. when you are fed mustard.instead of pine apple or strawberries.



  2. Mmmm...mustard, hahaha. We've never had food in the bedroom, but I did read in Cosmo once that if you bite into some chocolate while you're orgasming, it tastes 10x better!