Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ice Cream Irony

Since it's summer and in the 80's here today, I want to talk about my favorite dessert (or, in some cases, favorite meal), ice cream!

You'll never guess my favorite flavor.  Well, maybe you will when I tell you that it's really ironic.

My favorite flavor used to be chocolate chip cookie dough:

I still like cookie dough a lot, and I usually get it when I go to an ice cream stand, but I usually mix it with some sort of delicious fruity ice cream, like black raspberry:

Or blueberry cheesecake:

Or a newer delicious creation, perfect for my PMSing self, salted caramel:

But I wouldn't say any of these above flavors are my all-time favorite ice cream.  No, that honor goes to...


Vanilla is the best!  It's so creamy and vanilla-y tasting, and it goes with everything.  You can put fresh berries, hot fudge, or caramel on it, instantly enhance any kind of cake or pie imaginable, and you can even pour some root beer over it and enjoy a tasty, summertime beverage.  As much as I like actual melt-in-your-mouth chocolate, I really don't like chocolate ice cream.  I prefer ice creams with vanilla bases, and it's definitely the kind I buy the most in pint/quart sizes.

I also wonder how vanilla came to be known as the plan Jane of ice creams, because vanilla is a rather exotic flavor.  I mean, vanilla beans are grown mostly in Mexico, Tahiti, and Madagascar, people!  If that's not exotic, I don't know what it is!

Despite its reputation as the missionary-style of ice creams, it will always be my favorite flavor.  In fact, I bought a pint yesterday to go with my quart of local strawberries, and I ended up eating the whole pint :(
I felt so guilty afterward, ugh.  I wish my husband were around to spank me, but, alas, I must find other ways of curbing my PMS cravings.


  1. They sound all delicious, though I have not tried salted caramel yet. I think my favourites would be walnut or strawberry. Yummy. Hey, missionary is fine, too, very tasty :-) Vanilla and strawberries sounds delicious, and vanilla and hot cherry sauce is awesome, too. Yummy. Now I am hungry. When pms-ing, I think eating ice cream is always allowed, isn't it?



    1. Ice cream is always allowed, *especially* when PMSing!

  2. Gotta love the irony :-) Vanilla is really an awesome flavor!

  3. I love that we both did an ice-cream post :-) Enjoy that ice-cream! When you are pmsing anything goes... :-) Hugs